TRC20 Token built-in TRON blockchain

The BCN Token was created in 2021, and you can read its complete information on its whitepaper and roadmap.

BEM Foundation

BEM foundation was established in 2020 as an entrepreneur in the blockchain field to develop this industry globally.

BCN Token

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BCN Token


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Why BCN?

The BEM Foundation has excellent plans for the future of BCN.
The main project of BCN Token is a multi-chain DEX.

How to Buy
BCN Token?

  • Connect to the wallet and trade BCN tokens with the widget.
  • If you can’t use the widget, try other ways:


The BCN token is used as a common currency among BEM Foundation projects. This cycle creates new holders, new traders and more transactions. You can extend this cycle by joining BCN Token holders. BEM Foundation projects are the smartest ecosystem for developing BCN token.


Bemex is a Multi-chain exchange. Its services include Margin trade, Farm, liquidity pool, order book and lending. Bemex will be greatly popular because it is decentralized and has all the options of a centralized exchange. The BCN token is used in this project as a base currency for transaction costs.


BemChain is a great entrepreneurship project. This is a token sales launchpad project. All transactions and bonuses in this project are paid with BCN. This project uses multi-level sales plans. BemChain allows people worldwide to monetize cryptocurrencies without capital, experience or expertise.

Bem Games

BemGames is a popular gaming website with over 10,000 games. People can top up and withdraw their account with BCN. it is possible to charge and withdraw with with all cryptocurrencies.



Bempay is a payment gateway that supports all payment gateways, including POS, CTM, QR, and LINK. Multi wallet, BEM Card, Chequebook, and Chip payment are part of Bempay's exclusive services.


Bemulator is an NFT Market project. You can easily create and sell your collections on this platform based on the BSC blockchain. Bemulator provides convenience, speed and numerous clients for built-in NFTs.


Bempire is a proof-of-authority blockchain and a version of the Ethereum blockchain. Its advantages include an unlimited number of validators, very high speed and low cost. The purpose of building Bempire is to support smart contracts with many transactions.

We are the standard

transparency & correct performance

Blockchain networks enable smart contracts to be deployed and executed with tamperproof context and clauses. It means that no party (and even creators) is able to manipulate the codes and functions after deployment. The key difference between smart contracts and traditional paper contracts is that smart contracts do not rely on trust in third parties or intermediaries like paper contracts or digital contracts that are programmed on centralized platforms and are subject to changes, terminations, and deletion by a third party. BCN Token uses smart contracts for financial transparency and further development in entrepreneurship.

Smart Contract

The BCN smart contract is built on the TRON blockchain. Its programming language is solid, and it’s licensed by MIT. This smart contract is based on a standard token.

Open Source

BCN Smart Contract is an OPEN SOURCE contract with a verification checkmark. The contract source is verified. (Perfect match) Members can publically see the source.


The BCN token is entirely decentralized and follows blockchain rules. Manufacturers cannot alter, which leads to more trust.


Standard Tokenomics

Tokenomics analyzes a cryptocurrency’s fundamental characteristics, which can help you compare tokens with each other and make better informed decisions. Here you can see that the BCN token is fully offered in the market, which means it is completely decentralized.

Pre-sale & public sale: 90% (450,000,000 BCN)
90 percent of BCN tokens have been released in the market from 7.7.2021 to 6.2.2022 (7 months).

Founder & Developers = 20,000,000 BCN Token

Liquidity reserve: 3% (15,000,000 BCN)

Marketing and Promotion: 1.5% (7,500,000 BCN)

Airdrop and Giveaways: 1.5% (7,500,000 BCN)

Total supply: 500,000,000 BCN
Circulating Supply: 500,000,000 BCN
BCN’s total supply is 500,000,000 and all tokens are circulating.

Be on the path to wealth with
BCN Token

Investing by buying BCN token for a period of at least 1 to 3 years will bring you great wealth. Digital currencies are the future of the world, save for yourself now and keep adding to it.

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