The Best Economic Money Foundation

BEM foundation was established in 2020 as an entrepreneur in the blockchain field to develop this industry globally.
The foundation consists of experts in cryptocurrency, blockchain programming, and marketing. Each member of the foundation has several years of experience in their field. Inspired by blockchain principles (decentralization) and to increase the security level of projects, these individuals’ identities remain disclosed. BEM foundation was established to create a blockchain-based ecosystem and job opportunities in blockchain.
We explore market needs and create projects so that all people can quickly understand blockchain projects and start working on them.


BEM Foundation initialized its work by creating and offering a token. The first project of the BEM Foundation was selling tokens through ICO. Then we provided a staking project to generate more financial turnover for the tokens.
6 months after the launch of the first token and after completing the ICO and staking project, BemChain launched. It was the Launchpad for the BEM foundation. It was a multipurpose project which had a very significant role in the development of the foundation. Managers of the BEM Foundation initially managed and guided the projects in a decentralized manner. Still, in 2021 they established their first official office in Armenia.
With the development of other projects and the number of BemChain active users reaching over 25 thousand, the foundation decided to establish another official office in Istanbul, Turkey. The country is ranked 5th in trading and reception of the crypto market in the world ranking. This way, the foundation would place itself in a more competitive space would expand its work globally.
The next goal of the BEM Foundation is to expand its support offices in Dubai until 2024, which will be the world’s blockchain hub.

Our Core Values

Our Ecosystem is honored to complete and reveal its projects and offer them to market through MMP.WORLD