BCN Token Whitepaper

This page presents BCN TOKEN Information, Including the Purpose, Usecases, Technical Specifications, and Future plans.

  • This paper presents BCN token information, including the purpose, use cases, technical specifications, and future plans. After studying this whitepaper, you acquire comprehensive knowledge about BCN and a better understanding of why it was built. Also, you can enjoy a wiser investment. We have covered the essential information in the whitepaper.
A whitepaper is a document in the field of cryptocurrencies that includes a comprehensive description of a decentralized project. In fact, a whitepaper is considered a project’s letter of introduction by which the reader can know the project’s future services or innovations and what problems it can solve. This whitepaper aims to show the currency’s precise future plans. The whitepaper includes a comprehensive description of the product itself and its technology, solution, token details, and some information about the development team and their road map for this project.
It is essential to read the whitepaper because: First, it allows you to understand and become familiar with the project itself. Second, you can understand the technology, product, or the offered solutions. Finally, you can measure the token’s credibility and decide to invest in this project with a broader perspective.
Simply, a blockchain is a system of recording data and reports. What distinguish it from traditional systems is that the stored data is shared among all network members. Cryptography and data distribution make it almost impossible to hack, remove, or alter the recorded data. In fact, a blockchain is a ledger that can store data in the forms of different transactions so that each network member can have a copy of the ledger.
A blockchain can be considered a specific type of database that can store various data safely and immutably. In fact, a blockchain is a ledger that can store data in the forms of different transactions so that each network member can have a copy of the ledger. Therefore, a blockchain is implemented on a network of various members. All members can participate in managing and handling transactions.
Blockchain is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The technology existed even before Bitcoin. However, most users mistakenly consider this technology the same as blockchain, Bitcoin, and all cryptocurrencies.
A blockchain is a network consisting of various members that can safely process and store data. As mentioned above, this network is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT. Hence, we can conclude that a copy of data stored in the primary blockchain is available for each network member. The networks are called nodes, which have various types, including Master Nodes and Lightweight Nodes. There is a Peer to Peer (P2P) connection between nodes.
A general concept of blockchain is presented here briefly. However, you need to thoroughly study blockchain to understand it entirely.
A token is a digital currency that lacks an independent blockchain and is transferred between other networks (e.g., Tron) in the cryptocurrency market.
Therefore, having or not having an independent blockchain can define the distinction between a token and a coin in the cryptocurrency market. According to this definition, a coin is a digital currency with an independent blockchain. And a token is a currency with no independent blockchain.
Bitcoin and Tron are categorized as “coins” because they have a dedicated blockchain. Also, Tether is the most used token in the cryptocurrency market.
A smart contract is a programming code that implements on a blockchain. It can run special commands if a series of circumstances occur. Smart contacts are a revolutionary innovation by which we no longer need to trust third-party mediators.
Smart contacts are implemented on a blockchain. And the primary feature of a blockchain is its distributed nature. Besides complicated technical processes, smart contracts are shared among nodes once recorded on the blockchain. All members have a copy of that. Thus, disrupting or altering it is almost impossible because all blockchain members are running it, not just one or multiple servers and centralized entities.
The Best Economic Money Foundation
BEM foundation was established in 2020 as an entrepreneur in the blockchain field to develop this industry globally.
The foundation consists of experts in cryptocurrency, blockchain programming, and marketing. Each member of the foundation has several years of working experience in the mentioned field. Inspired by blockchain principles (decentralized) and to increase the security level of projects, the identity of these individuals is not disclosed. BEM foundation was established to create a blockchain-based ecosystem and create job opportunities in blockchain.
In fact, we explore market needs and create projects so that all people can quickly understand blockchain projects and start working on them.
BCN is a TRC20 Token, and the BCN is built into the TRON Blockchain. The BEM Foundation owns the BCN token.
BCN is one of the executive programs of the BEM Foundation. The BemChain project provides BCN.
BCN is used in entrepreneurship programs and plays an important role. Payment of commissions and financial transactions is made with the BCN token.
BCN token plays a vital role in the BEM foundation. BEM Foundation’s currency is BCN.
BEM foundation will implement the development program of BCN in exchanges and news networks in the second season of 2022. This would help us promote BCN in the market.
Other projects will be launched and employed once the BCN branding program is completed.
BCN is expected to grow significantly due to limited supply and several use cases.
● It has strong support and a dedicated project
● It is used in various projects as a currency
● It is used in progressive and multi-level projects as commission and bonus.
Most digital currencies are promoted and publicized for future projects.
But BCN token is already used in games, payment gateways, DEX, and launchpads. Additionally, projects like Blockchain and NFT Market are currently in the second phase and ready to use. Their use depends on BCN development.
Its expert development team knows a currency’s development process, and BCN can quickly set a market trend.
This competent team and their projects have made BCN an excellent choice for short-term and long-term investment and day trading.
The Best Economic Money Chain Token
BCN is a TRC20 Token and is based on the TRON Blockchain.
Total supply: 500,000,000 BCN
Circulating Supply: 500,000,000 BCN
Contract address: TAoA331n3iKDkR62kAZ4H2n3vNL7y3d8x9
Decimal Places: 6
Issuing Time: 2021-07-06 19:25:47 (UTC)
More information:
Total supply: 500,000,000 BCN
Circulating Supply: 500,000,000 BCN
BCN total supply is 500 millions and all tokens are circulating.
Pre-sale & public sale: 90% (450,000,000 BCN)
90 percent of BCN tokens have been released in the market from 7.7.2021 to 6.2.2022 (7 months).
Founders and Developers: 4% (20,000,000 BCN)
Liquidity reserve: 3% (15,000,000 BCN)
Marketing and Promotion: 1.5% (7,500,000 BCN)
Airdrop and Giveaways: 1.5% (7,500,000 BCN)
BCN/TRX pair was listed in the Sunswap exchange on 07.02.2022 at 11:05:48.
BCN/TRX Pair contract address:
BEM foundation has numerous substantial projects. BCN token is backed by the projects and use cases. The projects are described below:
BemChain project is a launchpad project. This project helps new tokens of the BEM foundation grow. In this project, the developers receive commission and bonus in BCN.
BEMGames project is a set of VR games, live games, sportsbooks, and predictions. More than 11000 games are ready to be played in the project. Another BEM foundation project is a payment gateway called BEMPAY. In Bemgames, you can charge your account with a BCN token and play the game. Besides, the payments are also made with the same method.
Bemulator is an NFT Market project. The project is designed and built based on Binance Smart Chain. You can trade NFT(s) with BNB and BemtPRO in this project.
Bempay is another powerful project that offers numerous services, including a payment gateway, wallet, P.O.S machine, BEM CARD, customers club, link payment, chip payment, QR payment, and crypto cheque.
BCN is the network’s primary token. Also, the network includes other famous and major currencies by which you can make transactions and trade.
Bempire project is BEM’s blockchain. It is a PoA blockchain. Some of its advantages include high transaction speed and significantly low cost. The blockchain was developed to support high transaction smart contracts as a fundamental solution. In addition to that, infinite validators of the blockchain have enhanced this PoA blockchain.
Bemex project is a decentralized exchange. It’s a multi-chain and order book exchange that features margin trade, liquidity pool lending, and farm.
The exchange uses BCN as the base currency. And if you use BCN in your transactions, you get a fee discount.
BemChain (Launchpad)BemChain is the crucial link between BEM Foundation projects and a gateway for public investors and marketers to participate in entrepreneurship programs. BemChain plans are the intersection of marketing and investment to generate revenue, and they use blockchain technologies to enable people to invest in BemChain plans. Investing in blockchain is very simple: buy tokens announced by BemChain or participate in sales with multi-level marketing methods. The BEM Foundation has stated that it wants to work in the field of entrepreneurship and job creation and is investing in blockchain projects to achieve this great and valuable goal. These projects will have more applicants every day. Casinos, on-chain games, wallets, exchanges, SWAP, Metaverse, the NFT market, and many more are some of the projects that the BEM Foundation is investing in. BemChain is one of the projects that the BEM Foundation has invested in, and the project is a direct subset.BemChain organizes ICO projects. BEM Foundation projects are valued, converted into ICOs, and their tokens (stocks) are sold through BemChain. BemChain is a multi-purpose project: token sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and fundraising are some of BemChain’s tasks. BemChain uses a network marketing plan to advance its goals faster. By studying the (plans) on the site, you will better understand BemChain. BemChain is also a dedicated Node of the Tron network. In the next section, a complete concept node description and the activity of BemChain are given as a dedicated Node of the Tron network.
The BemChain project was launched in March 2021 and completed in May 2021. The first registration was done on 2021 / May / 11.
The first token held by its BemChain ICO was the BCN token.
BCN is a TRC20 Token.
Total Supply: 500,000,000
Use case: Bemex (multi-chain order book DEX) The first BCN purchase was withdrawn from the account on July 20, 2021.
BemChain had set a two-year deadline for holding the BCN token ICO. But in 7 months, a total of 500,000,000 BCN were sold. Also, 17,667 Holders participated in this project.
This shows the power of the N.M plan in holding the ICO.
Cryptocurrencies have a decentralized network.
This means that they are not controlled and managed by a specific organization or person. In fact, the network is being organized by computers around the world. Any device that connects to and participates in a currency code network is called a (node).
A public blockchain is an open network. Anyone can download the protocol, read, write an addendum, and participate in the system.
The public blockchain is distributed and decentralized. Transactions are recorded in the form of blocks and are connected so that they form a chain. Each new block has a timestamp, and it is checked by host computers (nodes) before it is written to the blockchain.
All transactions are public, and all nodes are equal. The data in the public blockchain is unchanged: it cannot be changed after the blocks are verified.
Global TRON nodes have a minimal capacity and only approve 30 transactions per day for each DAPP.
Those DAPPs that need more transactions to be approved should use a dedicated Node.
A public network node is deployed exclusively for the customer.
A dedicated node is a node you exclusively use for your production purposes.
With a dedicated node, you pay for the compute and storage resources used by the node and do not pay for JSON-RPC requests to the node.
In June 2021, the BEM Foundation decided to set up a dedicated server and a Node to approve BemChain’s many transactions.
In July 2021, BemChain’s proprietary Node computer equipment was purchased, and BemChain is now a dedicated Tron network Node that only uses it to authenticate its program transactions.
Thanks to this dedicated node, the BemChain project always continues to work at its best and will not stop.
The BEM Foundation is always one step ahead of the challenges because of its expert blockchain support team.
If you have great ideas for entrepreneurship and want to expand your startup in blockchain, you can rest assured that BEM has all the infrastructure needed for your business.
Our foundation can provide all the funds required to create and implement your smart contracts.
Commonly, ideas face the problem of idealism. Therefore, they cannot be implemented. BEM foundation does not care about the level of simplicity of your idea because we can turn any idea into reality. The number of ideas implemented on the blockchain platform is increasingly growing.
BEM foundation creates a chain of these ideas and combines them. Also, it develops a series of potential needs and provided ideas.
At the beginning of each business, the BEM foundation develops the required infrastructure and gives it to potential applicants. BEM’s members can generate ideas and launch their business on the blockchain platform. In the meantime, holders can satisfy their needs on the BEM platform.
Providing a business or holders’ ideas in the BEM system indicates its reliability. BEM specializes in developing, implementing, or providing the required infrastructure for a business.
Note 1:
The projects are analyzed before implementation to avoid financial loss and prevent abuse. Moreover, the applicant’s financial capacity can be examined thoroughly.
BCN token is used in such projects as an indicator for project security and to ensure its survival.
Note 2:
All ideas and projects assigned to the R&D team are confidential and will never be disclosed or copied.
BEM foundation will do several humanitarian aids in different fields.
International Labour Organization (ILO), World Health Organization, UNESCO, and UNICEF are on BEM’s list. However, besides cash donations to organizations, campaigns, and the businesses created on the blockchain, BEM will establish branches in different countries where people can work. This way, we can help these countries increase their employment rate.
These branches can support casinos, exchanges, blockchain, and factories working in the tech field.
BEM foundation also aims to become a large-scale entrepreneur and establish a company that supports blockchain and its related programs. This goal is unique because all businesses need to go online today. We aim to introduce the blockchain industry to governments.
Additionally, the BEM foundation will open an official office in the UAE, which is the heart of the blockchain industry in the world.
Finally, we will explain the future plans of the BEM foundation.
We are constantly evolving to transform the decentralized blockchain of Bempire into one of the most popular, modern, and progressive blockchains in the world.
Bempire will be launched with numerous validators and decentralized programs, including DEX, SWAP, NFT Market, Metaverse, on-chain gaming, casino, wallet, and payment gateways.
BEM foundation has significantly invested in the technologies that will change the future.
After achieving the final version, all technologies will be released with the BEM brand.
They include VR, wearables, IoT, metadata, machine learning, nanotechnology, and blockchain.
All these technologies will turn the BEM foundation into a megaproject.
We are trying to become better and increase our market share every day. BEM will constantly have more programs and technologies to offer. We consistently monitor the world’s needs and incorporate them into the blockchain. We continuously make our foundation bigger and more modern. We will do our best to develop BCN with maximum power.
However, you also have a vital role in helping BCN progress. Introduce BCN tokens to others as effective holders or traders so that we all can benefit from the journey.