Why BCN?

The BEM Foundation has excellent plans for the future of BCN.
The main project of BCN Token is a multi-chain DEX.
BCN has more applications every day that attracts more owners and traders.
Projects such as Payment, Game, and NFT Market and…
The BEM Foundation uses various multi-level platforms to develop the BCN market, ensuring price growth.

BCN token has a Market Maker and Its name is MMP.WORLD
MMP WORLD works on the promotion and development of BCN token as specified.


  • Start of the first Market Maker project for globalizing the BCN token
  • Listing in the top 10 exchanges of the Coin Market Cap
  • Price: + $ 0.10
  • Market cap: + $ 50.000.000
  • 24 hours trading volume: + $ 5.000.000
  • Liquidity pool: + $ 1.000.000
  • Holders: + 2M
  • Telegram member: + 500K
  • Twitter: + 1M